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Week 1: Guidance and introduction
Week 2: Presentation of Projects
Week 3: Backgrounding, research and literature reviews
Week 4: Structure and Coherence in thesis writing
Week 5: Developing a thesis statement & Methodologies
Week 6: Agendas, bias, assumptions and presuppositions
Week 7: Argument development and types of support
Week 8: Abstracts 
Week 9: Notes, citations, titles and finishing touches
Week 10: Reviewing arguments and reservations 
Week 11: Preparations for publication 
Week 12: Individual editing and peer review
Week 13: Individual editing and peer review

Peer Review:

Group peer review will be an integral part of the course. In groups of a few people each week we will discuss and review each other’s progress.


Grading will be based on the progress of individual students' theses over the course and on their oral presentations.


Throughout the course students will regularly present their progress and questions. 

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