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Course Outline

Week 1: Guidance
Week 2: 1945 to Superflat
Week 3: Takashi Murakami
Week 4: Yoshitomo Nara
Week 5: Yukinori Yanagi
Week 6: Yamaguchi Akira
Week 7: Miwa Yanagi
Week 8: Yayoi Kusama
Week 9: Morimura Yasumasa
Week 10: Makoto Aida
Week 11: Other artists and recurring themes
Week 12: Student Presentations
Week 13: Student Presentations


Research a Japanese contemporary artist and their work. Innovative research is encouraged. Present this research as a final presentation and companion summary paper at the end of the semester.


Present your ideas in a presentation. Use whatever visual aids you require. 

Summary paper:     

A summary paper of your presentation of around 500 words (although the word limit is loose) will be due in the last two weeks of class.
The paper should briefly summarise your presentation. 
Proper citations of sources used are naturally required. 


30% Presentations (3-5 minutes)        
30% Presentation summary (500 words)   
40% Group discussions            


Gutai Splendid Playground (Guggenheim) 

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