Dr. Toby Slade

Dr. Toby Slade

Associate Professor

University of Tokyo


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Japanese and Korean Mediascapes: Youth, Popular Culture, and Nation
University of Oregon
Invited Paper: 'Spectacular Ordinariness: Expectations of Idolatry in Contemporary Japan'




Global Fashion Seminar in English
Bunka Gakuen University
Special Guest Lecture: 'What is Kawaii?'

International Non Western Fashion Conference
University of Hong Kong
Keynote Paper: 'Sartorial Tightness and Asian Authoritarianism'

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16th Annual International Federation of Fashion Technology Institutes
Bunka Gakuen University, Tokyo
Paper: Kawaii: 'Cute Fashions and the Pleasure if Irony in Japan'

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2nd International Non-Western Fashion Conference
London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London
Paper: ‘Cool Biz and Sumptuary Regulation in Japan’

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Human Consumption of Cloth and Human Bodies Wrapped in Cloth
National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka
Invited Keynote Speaker: ‘The New Wrapping: Japanese Sartorial Modernity’


Non-Western Fashion Conference
Centre de Jacques Berque, Rabat, Morocco
Invited Keynote Speaker: ‘Neither East Nor West: Japanese Fashion in Modernity’

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Global Fashion Study Conference
Global Fashion Concentration, Bunka Gakuen University, Tokyo
Paper: ‘Contemporary & Historical Fashion Trends in Japan’    

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European Association for Japanese Studies
Tallinn University
Paper: ‘Avant-garde art and fashion: Artists, critics and their clothes in Meiji and Taisho Japan’    

Hawaii 2011 long.png

Association of Asian Studies/ International Convention of Asia Scholars
University of Hawaii
Joint Panel Chair: Fashion in Asia
Paper: ‘Authoritarianism and Fashion in Asia’ 

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Fashion Study Group
University of Tsukuba
Invited Paper: ‘The Aesthetic Conceptualisation of Japanese Fashion’

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Japanese Fashion Now Symposium
Fashion Institute of Technology, New York State University
Paper: ‘Modernity in Japanese Fashion’

ASCJ long.png

Asian Studies Conference Japan
Waseda University, Tokyo
Panel Chair: Internationalism and Japanese Fashion
Paper: ‘Notions of Foreignness in Japanese Fashion’

UTS long.png

Fashion Symposium
University of Technology Sydney
Paper: ‘Forgetting Asia in Fashion Theory’

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Hymn to Beauty: The Art of Utamaro Symposium
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Invited Paper: ‘Fashion in Utamaro’s Edo’

ICAS 6 long.png

International Convention of Asia Scholars
Chungnam National University , Daejeon, Korea 
Panel Chair: 'Performing Gender in Modernizing Japan and Asia'
Paper: ‘Gendering Clothing in Modern Japan’

CIHA 2008 long.png

Conference of the International Committee of Art History
University of Melbourne, Australia
Paper: ‘Alternate Fashion Histories: Sartorial Modernity in East Asia’

ICAS 5 long.png

International Convention of Asia Scholars ICAS 5
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Session Chair: ‘Fashioning Modern Japan: Agency & Actuality’
Paper: ‘Asian Bodies/ Western Clothes: The Discomfort of Foreign Clothing in Modernizing Asia’

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Eleventh Asian Studies Conference Japan
Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo
Paper: ‘Kon Wajirō and the Fashions of 1920s Tokyo’

Ubiquiyous long.png

Ubiquitous Media Conference
University of Tokyo
Paper: ‘The Birth of a Fashion System in Taisho Tokyo’

Fashion in Fiction long.png

Fashion in Fiction Conference 
University of Technology Sydney     
Paper: ‘Junichirō Tanizaki’s Naomi and the Power of Foreign Clothing in Early Modern Japanese Fiction’

Tsukuba Kenkyukai.png

University of Tsukuba   筑波大学    Ibaraki JAPAN 茨城県日本
Annual Art History Conference 筑波大学芸術学美術史学会
Paper: ‘Indices of Modernity: Points of Change in Clothing Fashions in Meiji and Taishō Japan’

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Powerhouse Museum            
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Symposium Speaker: The Cutting Edge: Fashion from Japan Exhibition
Paper: The History of Sartorial Modernity in Japan

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